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Physical Exercise Improves Cognitive Function In Seniors

Many people feel a certain degree of anxiety over entering their retirement years. While it’s a welcomed change to stop working and enjoy more leisurely activities, facing the fact that your mind and body will continue to age can be a hard pill to swallow.

At Emerald Retirement Residence in Niagara Falls, Ontario, having a wide range of physical activities to take part in is just part of the experience of living there. While exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy body, it’s also beneficial for the mind. Low-impact exercise, such as walking and stretching, are just as helpful as higher-impact routines, as long as seniors are consistently active. Luckily, Emerald Retirement Residence offers residents daily stretch classes — the perfect way to start each morning!

There have been several studies https://www.medicalnewstoday.c... done on the effects of exercise on the senior brain. Memory loss is a genuine concern for many seniors and their families. While there are other contributing factors, regular exercise can help slow down the aging of the brain, which can, in some cases, stave off early signs of dementia. Stress can speed up, or trigger, memory loss, and since exercise is a natural stress-reliever, it’s safe to say that it’s a good preventative measure.

Since Emerald Retirement Residence’s classes double as social events, residents get to enjoy these classes and outings while getting to know other people. Socializing https://www.health.harvard.edu... contributes to improved cognitive function as well, so by taking part in exercise classes in a group setting, Emerald residents are benefiting from both.

One group exercise that’s popular with Emerald residents is the Davinci Stick™ class https://www.niagarathisweek.com/shopping-story/8135080-davinci-stick-build-strength-and-balance-at-any-age/. This class uses a simple piece of equipment – a long dowel – to help seniors stretch and restore balance. This tool allows residents of all ages and abilities to participate, as it provides stability. For those who feel they cannot do other exercise programs, the Davinci Stick™ is an equalizer. Everyone can get a quality workout in this class and reap all the benefits. Many residents come just for the instructor, Jack, who is engaging and helpful throughout the class.

Outside of the facility, there are plenty of nearby walking trails, golf courses and parks to enjoy. Whether you plan an outing with friends or go on an excursion organized by Emerald staff, there are plenty of places to go for fresh air, good company and exercise.

Retirement isn’t the end of an active life; it’s a new chapter. By moving into a retirement community that encourages daily physical activity and healthy socialization, you are enriching your life and caring for your mind and your body as you age.

If you think the Emerald lifestyle is right for you, contact https://emeraldresidence.ca/contact-us/ the staff by calling 905-358-2500. You can also stop by to schedule a tour at 5807 Ferry Street in Niagara Falls.

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