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Niagara Falls Retirement Residence Branches Out

Emerald Retirement Residence in Niagara Falls, Ontario, provides all the comforts of home, plus quality healthcare services in a beautiful facility designed for seniors of all ages and abilities. That said, the team at Emerald recognizes that not all retirees are ready to leave their homes, but could still benefit from many of the perks of living in a residence. This is why owner John Lally decided it was time they offer care and service to seniors who wish to remain in their own home.

John explained that Emerald Home Health Care Services takes everything that’s great about Emerald Retirement Residence and shares it with more people in need. This mobile service helps bridge the gap where the healthcare system has failed. John and his team have recognized that many area seniors are on long wait lists for the services they need to live comfortably at home, and are often caught in limbo between the hospital and home.

Since opening Emerald Retirement Residence, John and the team have perfected senior care through the services and programs they offer to their 100 plus residents. Now, through Emerald Home Health Care Services, they are branching out into the community to provide that same level of care. Together with several other agencies, Emerald is hoping to help alleviate some of the burden on the current healthcare system.

John explained that through Emerald Home Health Care Services, seniors living in their homes will have access to Personal Support Workers (PSWs), chefs, home maintenances workers, and housekeepers. He strongly believes that will access to better health services, plus help with basic chores and home maintenance, seniors living at home can live fuller, happier lives. Not only do these service help with essentials, such as bathing, cooking and administering medications, they also help with the little things that make life better, such as providing companionship.

Many people with aging parents share common concerns. Is it safe for your parents to be doing household chores and yardwork? Many adult children face tough choices when they see their parents struggling to live independently. It’s especially difficult if your parents do not want to move. It’s situations like this that motivated John and the Emerald Home Health Care Services team. All staff have police clearances, and are uniquely qualified to care for people in these situations.

Whether you live in the beautiful Emerald Retirement Residence, or receive in-home care through the Emerald Home Health Care Service team, you will be treated with dignity and respect. Families love these services because they receive constant updates from staff on the health and wellbeing of their loved ones. If at any time a staff member believes that someone in their care is in need of more medical care, they will consult with the rest of the team, as well as the individual’s family.

For more information http://emeraldresidence.ca/contact-us/ on Emerald Home Health Care Service, please call 905-358-2500, or toll-free at 1-844-358-2500. If you wish to speak to someone in person, visit Emerald Retirement Residence located at 5807 Ferry Street in Niagara Falls, and speak to the front desk staff. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one if safe, healthy, and taken care of.

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