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Positive Socialization Does Wonders For Seniors

Geriatric depression is a reality for many seniors today. While feeling sad and having bad days happens to practically everyone, persistent negative feelings can erode one’s quality of life over time, especially during those retirement years.

In a 2014 blog post by New England Geriatrics http://www.negeriatrics.com/bl... (a mental health organization for seniors in Massachusetts, United States), contributor Karen Mozzer writes about the positive effects socialization can have on the elderly. She writes that like any age group, seniors require positive socialization to enjoy a happy, fulfilling life. Mozzer mentions that studies have shown that retirees with active social lives were healthier and therefore lived longer.

Loneliness is a serious problem in the senior population. Living alone, away from family and loved ones, can have a detrimental effect on one’s quality of life. This is why retirement communities, such as Emerald Retirement Residence in Niagara Falls, Ontario, are beneficial, as they offer ample opportunities for residents to socialize with one another. Even if you live alone in your suite, meals are served in a communal dining room and activities are organized and run by staff daily.

Depression affects the elderly population differently than younger demographics. Since depression is classified as a comorbid illness http://www.negeriatrics.com/bl... (present alongside other physical and mental illnesses), depressed seniors have a higher chance of suffering a serious cardiac event. It can be a bit of a catch-22; simply put, they are depressed because they’re sick, and are sick because they are depressed. Depression doesn’t affect just your mood. For seniors, it can affect how quickly they recover from surgery or illness.

While it’s not the only treatment, positive socialization is proven to stave off anxiety and depression in elder communities. Not only does Emerald Retirement Residence have a full social calendar  available, filled with fitness classes, arts and crafts actives, games, and food and drink events, but it does off-site excursions as well. This means that every resident can find an activity or event that interests them. It’s through these types of events that they meet new friends. By closing the door on loneliness and isolation, seniors are less likely to become depressed as they age.

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